Hot xbox 360 - Internet meltdown

An article by Charles Arthur in today’s Guardian highlights a growing problem for xbox 360 owners – the thing runs so hot, it overheats causing some kind of component failure. So it’s not only poorly engineered – I suspect the xbox 360 is not particularly green either.

The reason I mention this is that Microsoft is planning to offer a high definition video on demand service for the xbox 360. That means households with an xbox 360 and broadband will be able to download 50 Gbyte movies over the Internet.

Call me a cynic but how will the Internet cope with thousands upon thousands of 50 Gbyte downloads every day? It could end up like one permanent denial of service attack as all the bandwidth gets consumed. The only people to make big money out of this will be the network companies, the people who own bandwidth and companies like Akamai that offer content networks to move the data closer to the consumer. Will BT’s 21CN cope?

Moreover, to support on-demand video, there will need to be astronomical amounts of storage and farms of servers running 24 by 7. And as I have said in the past, data centre IT infrastructure is not green.

In the business world Microsoft talks a lot about how its products increase productivity. But I’m not convinced that adding HTML scripting in Outlook and the ability to run email Word macro viruses automatically has really improved our productivity.

So it’s hard to see the productivity gains a home user will achieve from having to wait an hour to download the video onto an energy inefficient xbox 360 via a massive content delivery network, rather than the five minute walk to the video rental shop. Not exactly what I would call progress. The walk will surely do some good, and may even boost our green credentials.

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Since Microsoft wants to play hardball I play hardball back :)

Unban Your Xbox 360

Green!?! Really? I think that "we" as as society are a little past the "Green" movement, as we see what "Green" really is all about. Green is exactly that, money. Money is the only "Green" in which the whole concept actually revolves around. At this point and time, it's clear that global warming is complete nonsense that is easily explained as a natural phenomena; a system of the earths natural rhythm that has been continuously in motion since the earths creation. As far as the Xbox being green; who really cares. At the end of the day, people want to be entertained and for the most part, the device does just that. People want satisfaction first and will worry about the consequences last. In addition, the bandwidth issue is not really an issue when it comes down to load balancing technologies which are industry standards. The internet would not even flinch at the demand of the bandwidth in question. So, to conclude my rant, I respectfully disagree with your article in addition to your opinion on this particular matter.