Have you seen Oracle h?

Tomorrow, Oracle president Charles Phillips is in London. It’s an interesting time for Oracle. No doubt he’ll be covering how good the new 11g database is; why the 12i enterprise software is brilliant and how well Fusion middleware and the Fusion strategy are doing.

I guess he won’t be talking about “Oracle h”, something Oracle users have been asking for since the company went on a spending spree buying PeopleSoft (and JD Edwards thrown in), Retek, Siebel and Hyperion among others.

Please halt Oracle. With the multi-billion pound acqusitions of the last few years, people out there must be wondering, even wishing Oracle could just stop buying big software companies and concentrate instead on making what it has work well together with seamless integration, consistent licensing and support. It may look good for shareholders and the City, thanks to the lucrative maintenance revenue stream of the companies it has acquired, but I wonder if Phillips honestly believes the billions spent have actually improved customer satisfaction among the installed base of loyal Oracle users.

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Many of the Oracle products do not make much sense at all. Its money stream is generated from its DBMS product, which allows Oracle & Co to buy all other stuff. Oracle DBMS is not a robust system. But many big customers got sucked in because Oracle succeeded in marketing and brand name building for big corporations. Once the customers were sucked in, it is hard for them to get out because the data is tied to their core businesses and big businesses have big inertia.