Google Docs now offline

It has finally happened. Google has finally realised that not all of us can remain connected to the Internet cloud. Google has released a version of Google Docs that allows people to save files on their local PC when they are not connected.

While Google Docs is in no way as functional as MS Word, let’s face it, most people use only 10-20% of Word. So why pay £300 for the full MS Office Suite?

This is why Google’s news is interesting. When Docs was first unveiled, I used it for a while but since I’m not always Internet-connected, I was somewhat limited in what I could do with Docs. Now I’ll be able to save documents offline and, in theory, resynchronise with an online version when I next reconnect.

It’s still not a true alternative to MS Word. But for basic offline/online word processing Google Docs now appears a viable option.