Fastest network accelerator ever!

Sometimes I come across claims that are just so wild, part of me wants them to be true. So today, I was convinced to meet a company that may or may not have the answer to all our bandwidth needs.

DBam Systems produces network acceleration as part of its network and bandwidth management box of tricks that an independent test demonstrated, could download a compressed file 10,000 faster than ADSL. The patent-pending magic that achieves this is apparently based on a mathematical formula that has never previously been used to solve a computer problem. It achieves all of this in a box that has a starting price of £2000 plus an annual maintenance fee.

Steve Broadhead of Broadband Testing has evaluated the product and was blown away by the speed of downloads he was able to achieve.

I wonder how it will perform on a live production network? Just think, if it achieved just a tenth of the manufacturer’s claims it could revolutionise broadband Internet – a 2 Mbps line would achieve a download speed of 2 Gbps.

I’d really like to hear from anyone who has tried this product.