Wir sind nicht in Berlin, Adobe's 'Create the Web' London

It’s an inconvenient truth, if you run a web search for “creative capital of Europe?” most of the results are going to tell you that Berlin holds the crown for ingenuity, inspiration and innovation.

Regardless of the Berlin-Brandenburg region’s no doubt prolific artistic prowess, Abobe is hosting an event for web developers and designers to cover the use of HTML5, CSS3, motion graphics ‘and more’ (as they say).

Create the Web London is free and will be held on 2nd October this year in London’s West End.

The event is billed as an opportunity to learn about the latest tools and techniques for creating content for the modern web. Adobe says it will (as always) offer a “sneak peak” at new tools, technologies and services.

Sessions of particular interest to the Computer Weekly Developer Network blog include:

Move the Web: Introduction to Motion Graphics on the Web

Mike Chambers (director of developer advocacy) discusses how to make use of CSS3 transitions and animation, JavaScript libraries that can help with animation and suggestions for best practices around creating animations with web technologies.

Adobe Edge Animate: Creating the interactive web

Lee Brimelow (developer evangelist) will explain the Adobe Edge Animate tool for creating web animations with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. This session will clarify how Edge Animate can be used to create animations that run on browsers and mobile devices.


Brackets: Code the Web

Adam Lehman (sr. product manager, interactive development) will showcase Brackets, an open source code editor with inline Quick Editing and live browser connectivity built with HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

PhoneGap & Shadow: Building & Testing Mobile Apps with Web Standards

“Every web developer needs to think about a mobile strategy when it comes to deploying content. This session will take a look at new APIs in HTML5 that make the most of mobile device features, how to test and debug content with tools like Adobe ‘Shadow’ and workflows for creating mobile applications from web technologies with PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build.”

No we’re not in Berlin, but London has plenty to challenge the rest of the continent’s creative dexterity surely?