When is a software developer not a software developer?

Popular opinion has it that we started to use the term “developer” somewhere around the turn of the 1990s, prior to which many of us favoured the term programmer.

These days many people believe that the term programmer has pejorative connotations and refers simply to an individual who has to rely on tools and components to assemble software — rather than someone who “creates” and develops.


Development in motion: image – Wikimedia Commons

With all this discussion of nomenclature I found myself recently having to list out a top ten (which turned into a top 15) of developer roles for someone, which I hope makes for interesting reading. Here’s the roles I came up with:

• Architect

• Project manager / team leader

• Lead developer

• Junior developer

• Unit tester

• The debugging specialist

• The install & deploy developer

• Operations team staff with some developer responsibilities

• Designer

• GUI specialist

• SCCM and ALM specialists

• SCRUM, Agile etc… specialists

• The business rules developer

• The reporting developer

• I probably missed one ☺

As I said, I probably missed one – so please put me straight ☺

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