What to expect from Tanium CONVERGE 2019

The Computer Weekly Developer Network team are big fans of robust data management, younger-breed tech mavericks who want to carve a new niche in the crowded information intelligence market, Southern barbeque with lots of hot sauce… and, of course, every good Country Music start from Johnny Cash to Taylor Swift.

By a stroke of luck, we’ve zoned in on Tanium CONVERGE 2019.

Now in its fourth year, CONVERGE has gained some critical mass and this year is due to host close to 1000 attendees for the first time.

Staged from November 18 – 21 in Nashville, Tennessee…  Tanium will host keynotes, breakout sessions and hands-on technical labs as integral elements of the total conference programme.

So what does Tanium do?

Tanium provides customers with insight and control into endpoints including laptops, servers, virtual machines, containers, or cloud infrastructure. The technology can help IT security and operations teams ask questions about the state of every endpoint across the enterprise, retrieve data on their current and historical state, and execute change as necessary.  Tanium also enables organisations to assess security risks and contain threats.

A different style

Tanium says that its Nashville event will drill deep into security and IT operations in a different kind of way.

“There are no sprawling trade show floors, aggressive sales messages, or sessions with overly broad content. Our conference is designed to be different. We want to empower technology practitioners to achieve true visibility and control of their IT environments, using modern architecture and tools built for this century,” notes Tanium, in an event preview statement.

Tanium says that Converge is a chance for technology practitioners to achieve true visibility and control of their IT environments, using modern architecture and tools built for this century.

News bites & product highlights

Recent news saw Tanium selected ranked 7th on the Forbes Cloud 100 list — the company says that is distinguishing itself from peers based on valuation, revenue and growth.

Among its products we find Tanium Reveal, software designed to reduce risks of data exposure, mitigate the impact of breaches and prepare for regulatory compliance obligations.

The technology itself defines sensitive data patterns and works to continuously monitor IT environments for matching files… so that systems managers can then categorise, notify, alert, and take direct action.

The message from Tanium is that the pace of growth in both connected endpoints and the data that they collect and retain, has far exceeded what’s supportable by legacy technologies.

“Tanium Reveal was born from a simple idea: make searching for sensitive data across an enterprise as fast as any other Tanium question – delivering results at speed. We’re excited to help users to define sensitive data patterns, continuously monitor endpoints for matching artifacts, and then categorize, notify, alert, and take action across even the largest and most complex environments,” noted Chris Hodson, chief information security officer at Tanium.

Tanium Performance

Other key products to be showcased include Tanium Performance, a software solution for IT Operations teams to monitor, investigate and remediate performance issues at scale on desktops, laptops and servers.

Hodson says that Tanium Performance provides IT teams with access to rich historical data for a single endpoint, so that they can effectively troubleshoot problems and lower mean time to repair. Customers can then use this data to make better decisions about IT initiatives related to software and hardware changes.

The Computer Weekly team is out to find out just how far most organisations truly lack visibility into endpoint performance issues… and also examine just how far the manual troubleshooting process headache really extends as we dig through Tanium’s messages…

… oh, yes, and we’ll eat some Southern Barbeque too.

The company tweets at @Tanium and the event hashtag is #CONVERGE19.


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