What to expect from Dynatrace Perform 2019

The Computer Weekly Developer Network is heading to Las Vegas for the first of the technology industry’s 2019 conferences — and it’s Dynatrace Perform 2019.

Dynatrace is an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) vendor and its app monitoring (and testing) tools are available as cloud-based SaaS services or as on-premises software.

In terms of etymology, the firm is using DYNA (as in dynamic software applications that move and build and rebuild and deploy in new continuous delivery environments for always-on cloud environments) and TRACE (as in tracking to monitor and test) then… we hazard a guess.

Dynatrace Perform

Perform itself is now entering its fifth year and the company expects around 2500+ attendees for the 2019 event.

The central technology proposition from Dynatrace is that by combining AI and what it calls ‘complete’ automation, the company’s platform provides answers (not just data and readouts) for developers about the performance of applications, the underlying infrastructure and the experience of users.

Key event topics will encompass: automating cloud operations, releasing better software, faster… and delivering digital experiences.

“Attendees [at Perform] will be exposed to insights from more than 50 global speakers – technical experts, cloud specialists and digital leads from global brands – covering a wealth of topics that show organisations how to automate cloud operations and accelerate workloads to the cloud,” said John Van Siclen, CEO, Dynatrace.

Other topics will include what is being called AIOps re-defined, a notion of AI-enriched operations where ‘open ingestion’ and integrations allow Application Performance Monitoring to get to something of a new watershed moment.

From DevOps to NoOps

Dynatrace will also be talking about how we should (for some parts of the stack if not all of it) use software intelligence to move from DevOps to NoOps.

NoOps (no operations) is the concept that an IT environment can become so automated and abstracted from the underlying infrastructure that there is no need for a dedicated team to manage software in-house. 

Forrester coined the term NoOps, which it defines as, “The goal of completely automating the deployment, monitoring and management of applications and the infrastructure on which they run.” 

Dynatrace digital performance expert Dave Anderson has said that, soon, very soon, just about every IT department will (or at least should move towards) adopting AI to automate enterprise monitoring, reduce manual work of IT staff and help create enable a vision of almost ‘self-healing’ applications that can repair themselves.

Dynatrace is heavily focused on issues relating to the management hybrid multi-cloud, microservices and containers. Computer Weekly’s Cliff Saran covered some of the real world application of Dynatrace (and others) use of technologies in this space here: Transform business with microservices and containers.

Show floor

Dynatrace Perform’s show floor will feature an innovation lab to give attendees the chance to get hands on with new innovations in 1:1 sessions with Dynatrace’s product management team, covering major cloud platforms and DevOps integrations.

Speakers will include professor Brian Cox OBE who will talk about how he likes to simplify the complexities of the universe.

Never knowingly under-tweeted and apparently capable of attending every single IT event being staged on the planet concurrently, the event will also feature a session from principal analyst and founder of Constellation Research… the much-loved Mr Ray Wang.

Ray will no doubt be ‘super-excited about digital transformation’ … and heck, you know what, we are too.

Back at Dynatrace, CEO John van Siclen will explain how the requirements of the enterprise cloud has demanded a shift in the way you build and run software.

“This is why we reinvented ourselves; to bring to market a platform that is far more than APM, but an all-in-one industry redefining platform that can take you on the path to running an autonomous cloud,” van Siclen told Computer Weekly.

Oh and it’s Vegas, so there will be cocktails, fountains, dancers, bright lights and chlorine-washed chicken by the bucket load — all served up on a bed of APM with special NoOps sauce — what’s not to like?

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