What to expect from Alfresco DevCon 2018

Hang on – a conference preview in 2017, are we not done on events season already?

Well yes, developer conferences do actually happen in January, if you’re Alresco Software they do.

Alfresco is an open source alternative that exists in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) space. The company claims to have 3.5 million downloads and over 2500 companies as our customers around the world.

ECM as it is, Alfresco would rather describe itself as a firm that develops software for ECM and also process automation, content management and information governance… if that wider definition serves to provide extra colour and context for you.

Alfesco DevCon 2018

Firmly targeting software application developers, Alfresco DevCon 2018 takes place in Lisbon, January 17-18, 2018 at the Museu Fundação Oriente. The event will offer  sessions on Alfresco’s soon forthcoming Application Development Framework (ADF) 2.0.

“We couldn’t be more excited or proud to host the complementary DevCon 2018 in Lisbon,” said Alfresco VP of product management Thomas DeMeo. “We look forward to deep technical conversations, seeing all the exciting solutions from our developer community, providing a glimpse of the future directio  and gathering feedback on how Alfresco can add value to their organisations.”

The Alfresco Application Development Framework is a set of reusable and custom­isable web components. It is intended to allows developers to build mobile-ready applications that interact with content and process services running on the Alfresco Digital Business Platform.

Hard core new features

What’s actually new in the software being presented is the File Viewer component. The viewer was one of the first components to be created, but in 2.0 it gets a complete rework. It has a new design, along with a ways to customise, including the info drawer, toolbar and thumbnails.

To support the new File Viewer, Alfresco has added a new component based on the Info Drawer to show metadata from Content Services. This component can be externally configured to include/exclude metadata and offers inline editing of properties as well.

“We are embracing Angular CLI and in 2.0 the Yeoman Generators will give you three options: Create a Process + Content app, a Content app or a Process app. These apps will have a very small footprint and have the basic setup you need to get up and running with ADF and Angular,” said the company, in a communications statement.

Last but not least, Alfresco has made big improvements to its documentation. On GitHub, the firm now presents one Markdown file per component and an index page that gives clearer detail about what is available in the docs. Internally, the Markdown files now have a more consistent structure that should make them easier to read, write and maintain.

Developers can read extended feature set details here.