Veritas: the secret sauce is a ‘smarter’ storage

Information management company Veritas Technologies is now self-styling itself as a multi-cloud data management and control specialist.

Pretty soon the firm’s marketing department might be trying to re-position the corporate tagline as the ‘smart technologies multi cloud information management’ business.

Now in the throws of staging its Vision 2017 conference in Las Vegas, the firm has announced Veritas Cloud Storage as a new software-defined storage function designed for massive amounts of unstructured data – and the secret is in the smartness inside.

What are smart tool layers?

So what do we mean by smartness in this instance? It is of course data analytics, machine learning and (especially important in the field of data management) the use of classification technologies.

Essentially these are all software-defined storage technologies designed to optimise machine learning intelligence to extract more value from data by making it proactive, predictive and actionable.

To complement this launch, Veritas also announced the Veritas Access Appliance, which is a software-defined storage appliance.

The birth of massive data

According to Veritas 2017 Data Genomics Survey – which analyzed more than 31 billion anonymised files globally – enterprise data repositories have grown by nearly 50 percent (48.7 percent) annually, largely driven by the proliferation of new apps and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) that use massive data sets.

“With the unprecedented growth of data driving a new wave of storage demands, it is imperative that enterprises deploy a software-defined storage strategy that is optimized for cost, performance and agility,” said David Noy, vice president of product management, Veritas. “Customers also need to deploy software-defined storage solutions that turn dormant data into intelligent insights, helping businesses offer better customer experiences while delivering strong business outcomes.”

Storage got smart, almost sexy

Noy talks of a new world of intelligent data management and says this is a space where enterprises can make storage ‘smart’ by applying analytics, machine learning and classification technologies, offering a new level of intelligence and management to large quantities of unstructured stored data.

Building on the Veritas 360 Data Management platform, Veritas Cloud Storage claims to be able to scale to petabytes, storing and managing billions of files with the ability to handle a quintillion number of objects.

According to a product statement, “Veritas is focused on helping get people (i.e. customers) out of legacy and proprietary storage hardware.”

The appliance enables enterprises to embrace cloud adoption with the ability to build their own private cloud or provision cloud storage platforms as a low-cost storage tier to meet performance requirements, across a range of leading cloud service providers.

Storage may still be one step off of sexy… but it is definitely getting smarter.

Veritas users, feeling smart (and possibly sexy) - Image: Veritas

Veritas users, feeling smart (and possibly sexy) – Image: Veritas