Veritas NetBackup 8.0: how to ‘manage’ data inside a cloud

Information management company Veritas Technologies is attempting to provide (even) greater control for data workloads that reside in cloud computing environments. The firm’s NetBackup 8.0 is now tabled alongside an integrated Enterprise Data Management solution.

What is cloud data control?

But what aspects of computing translate to cloud data control? What does cloud data management actually look like? Veritas would say that key aspects here are a) data visibility [which provides insight]… b) application resiliency [which provides data availability] and c) copy data management [which is part of data protection] — although that three point list is by no means exhaustive or exclusive.

So remember… insight, availability and data protection technology.

A developer validation point

This is the stuff not just of DBAs and sysadmins, these aspects are (arguably) of fundamental architectural significance to the software application development professional who is looking to deploys applications and workloads that deploy apps with a heavy virtual machine based presence.

“Nearly every organisation in today’s data driven and cloud-based world is undergoing digital transformation, whether mobilising the workforce, creating online customer experiences, enabling electronic supply chains, or providing real-time access to medical records and financial statements,” said Scott Anderson, senior vice president and general manager, Information Protection Solutions at Veritas. “Using NetBackup 8.0 as the foundation of our vision for a sweeping range of solutions to help enterprises manage their growing data demands, Veritas is delivering a 360 enterprise data management solution that solves customers’ challenges to address the complexity of hybrid cloud and the realities of digital business.”

NetBackup 8.0 itself is presented as unified protection for data in the cloud, as well as virtual and physical environments with scale, performance and workload integration.

With NetBackup 8.0 (and by utilising the 360 enterprise data management solution) Veritas claims that organisations will be able to leverage their existing deployments to achieve global data visibility, simplified business resiliency and integrated copy data management in addition to a near 100 percent backup and recovery success rate, no matter where data resides.

Feature details

Veritas expects to deliver a complete 360 data management solution that offers integration of the following software features with NetBackup 8.0.

  • Global Data Visibility – With direct integration between NetBackup 8.0 and Veritas Information Map customers have graphical view of backups to transform existing backup data into actionable intelligence.
  • Predictable Resiliency – In the new release, Veritas Resiliency Platform integrates with NetBackup 8.0 to provide critical assistance in maintaining application availability across complex, multi-platform and multi-vendor private, public and hybrid cloud environments. 
  • Integrated Copy Data Management – In the new release,  Veritas Velocity integrates with NetBackup 8.0, Veritas Velocity will provide on-demand self-service access to data without the burden of creating, storing and maintaining physical copies or resource dependences.