Sumo Logic tightens strapping with ServiceNow

Sumo Logic can’t get through a press statement without using the term ‘continuous intelligence’, but that’s okay… every firm is allowed some form of core descriptor and it does explain what the company sets out to do i.e. Sumo Logic’s platform is designed to provide a type of analytics layer that reflects the operational and economic model of modern clouds.

This month sees the company join the ServiceNow Service Graph Connector Programme.

Okay, they both say ‘program’ i.e. it’s Americanized, but it’s what it does that matters.

Sumo Logic will be integrating its trademarked Continuous Intelligence Platform (CAPS allowed) for logs, metrics, traces and events with ServiceNow Service Graph, a system of record for digital products and services. 

ServiceNow calls Service Graph the ‘digital data foundation’ for using ServiceNow’s platform and products.

Historically, before this product, the Configuration Management DataBase (CMDB) has focused on infrastructure, assets and their relationships. There’s more here if you want to read deeper.

Connectors validated by ServiceNow’s Service Graph Connector Program are supposed to integrate the expertise of the ServiceNow partner ecosystem into Service Graph. 

Ephemeral auto-discovery 

Sumo Logic’s Service Graph Connector enables users to manage their digital product and services lifecycles by ingesting auto-discovered, ephemeral AWS and VMware asset data from Sumo Logic’s observability solution to update the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

“Security and observability needs are morphing and organisations must match this world and identify and respond to incidents faster — or risk costly outages, negative customer experiences and security mishaps,” said John Coyle, VP of Business Development at Sumo Logic. 

Coyle argues that as a result of this morphing, it’s increasingly important to monitor and secure their modern IT environments while also integrating with their security and operations workflows to increase productivity.

Enriched context

The company rounds out by saying that its machine data analytics platform and Cloud Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) solution bring full coverage to modern IT and security operations workflows in ServiceNow to automatically identify critical events and potential threats… but now, with what the firms are calling ‘enriched context’ from assets, driving improved service outcomes, application reliability, risk management and ROI. 

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