Sumo Logic: continuous digital ecommerce needs continuous intelligence

Self-styled ‘continuous intelligence’ company Sumo Logic has detailed news of digital omnichannel ecommerce’ agency Vaimo now has adopting its technology to provide security analytics for its services.  

Vaimo (rhymes with Flymo) is a provider of Magento and Adobe Commerce Cloud ecommerce services across operations in 15 countries — the company uses its own hybrid cloud and so oversees more than 1,000 servers distributed worldwide alongside an integration with content delivery network provider Cloudflare.

This type of IT stack and framework clearly needs security analytics to gather machine data and lock down channels that need to be firmed up — especially given the looming spectre that is the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the standards set out by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

The company uses Sumo Logic to gather metrics and logs across its cloud operations, carry out analytics and detect potential attacks on its infrastructure.

“With Sumo Logic, we can automatically evaluate and track good customer behaviour on our clients’ websites for security – however this also means we can eliminate tools like CAPTCHAs that irritate or get in the way of human customers carrying out their shopping,” commented Wilko Nienhaus, chief technology officer at Vaimo.

For security, the Vaimo team uses Sumo Logic to automate its analytics processes to reduce the amount of work that was previously manual. It can apply machine learning-based pattern recognition, flag any deviations from normal activity for investigation and make it harder for bad actors to disrupt clients.

“Retailers are going through digital transformation projects and moving more of their businesses over to online channels to be competitive. This makes them able to serve their customers faster, but it opens them up to risk around security issues or vulnerabilities. Being able to see these issues developing ahead of any attack taking place is essential. Sumo Logic’s unified approach and cloud-native platform make it simpler for companies to automate processes around data collation, understanding and security, keeping businesses secure at scale. Companies need data and security to work hand in hand,” said James Campanini, general manager and vice president EMEA at Sumo Logic.

Sumo Logic works with Vaimo’s security operations teams at present, but the role for Sumo Logic is expanding within Vaimo over time as more teams see the potential around analytics for their use cases. 

NOTE: CWDN does not typically focus on customer case studies, but our team recently reported on Sumo Logic platform developments here and this story serves as some additional contextual follow up.

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