Splunk debunks clunk in funk pumped pricing trunk

Machine data operational intelligence platform company Splunk has staged its .conf 2017 conference and exhibition in Washington DC.

As part of its market-facing moves for this show, the company has put forward more flexible pricing programmes for application development professionals and data engineers looking to tailor machine data analysis techniques into the software they create.

New componentised IT models

Reflecting what might be seen as the new (perhaps even funky?) model of IT consumption in the as-as-Service cloud-based world of componentised composable applications, Splunk is aiming to provide a more tailored approach to pricing its services so that its core platform can be engineered into modern application structures in a more natively flexible way.

“Splunk is committed to offering value-based pricing tailored to the unique needs of our customers, whether they are just getting started or an existing customer expanding their use of Splunk,” said Doug Merritt, President and CEO, Splunk.

Different data ‘lenses’

Merritt further explains that the Splunk platform enables what he calls ‘different lenses’ for viewing the same data. A suggestion that perhaps explains why different organisations have different needs for different use cases.

The Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit is used by firms such as Recursion Pharmaceuticals to equip its operations team with tools to comb through metrics for a view into operations and for wrangling large quantities of data to understand real-time correlations as they are happening.

Splunk offers use-case specific tailored pricing metrics for products including its Splunk User Behavior Analytics (UBA) and Splunk Insights for Ransomware.

Other related products here include Splunk Insights for AWS Cloud Monitoring, a piece of software for providing insights, from the Splunk platform, for monitoring cloud computing instances, from AWS – unsurprisingly.

Dev/Test, for developers

[Splunk provides] free personalized Dev/Test licenses for customers interested in testing new use cases without consuming their existing production license capacity.

The company confirms that individual users at any organisation with a paid Splunk Enterprise license or Splunk Cloud subscription can request a personalised Dev/Test license to experiment with Splunk at no additional cost.

New users can also receive a one-year license for indexing volumes of up to 20 GB of data per day — Splunk Enterprise Free (for Docker) unifies insights across container environments and the entire technology stack.

Image: Wikipedia Commons

Image: Wikipedia Commons