Software development in the global interconnected sandbox

Perforce has upped its software version management system with a new release featuring additional capabilities for “advanced distributed version control” to keep developers productive even when they are disconnected from the firm’s shared versioning service.

New replication technology is also said to improve system performance and scalability for remote teams.

These are the buzzwords then for globally distributed mobile on-the-go software application development teams:

  • organisation for control,
  • traceability,
  • accountability
  • and security.

With Perforce Sandbox (P4Sandbox), developers can work on private copies of their projects while staying informed of project status on the shared versioning service.

P4Sandbox uses a local repository to create a remote branch from the shared Perforce versioning service. Users can work with their local repository and access all of Perforce’s versioning features, even if the connection to the shared service is slow or non-existent.

Developers only need to be connected to the shared versioning service when they are exchanging data.

Randy DeFauw, technical marketing manager at Perforce, said, “We’ve learned that developers want the option to work offline or use a more flexible workflow, but the enterprise still demands the security and reliability of a shared service. P4Sandbox gives developers the freedom to experiment while the entire codebase remains securely managed in the shared versioning service.”