RavenDB offers developer-friendly ‘operations free’ database

Developers use databases — no surprise there.

But, crucially, developers aren’t DataBase Administrators (DBAs), so they tend to prefer database platforms that can provide them with as much out-of-the-box functionality as possible.

In real terms, that means programmers like to gravitate towards databases that provide a more managed way of performing all the daily tasks such as maintaining hardware servers, installation, configuration, monitoring internals and security.

This is the core technology proposition behind RavenDB Cloud’s database cluster

Hailing from Hadera in Israel (about an hour’s drive north of Tel Aviv, we checked), RavenDB Cloud includes metrics for measuring each step of indexes and aggregations to deliver cost optimisation.

Features like pull replication enable a hybrid on premise-cloud architecture — and RavenDB Cloud runs on smaller machines.

The technology here is currently available on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure — Google Cloud Platform will follow at the end of 2019.

Grunt work

“Our objective is to completely remove all the grunt work associated with acquiring, configuring and maintaining a database so that users can focus more on their application and how it works with their data,” said Oren Eini, CEO of RavenDB.

RavenDB also offers migration tools to its DBaaS from RavenHQ, SQL databases, major NoSQL databases and on-premise RavenDB solutions.

The company has several tiers of clusters: for higher end systems, dedicated clusters are available… but users can also choose to run production clusters in a burstable mode, suitable for medium sized projects and in doing so reduce database costs by up to 20%.

For hobbyists and small projects, RavenDB offers a free tier.

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