People are pesky & picky, developers need in-app support power

Developer needs platforms, developers need (programming) languages, developers need DevOps, developers need automation with workflow controls… and of course developers need beer, soda and pizza.

But also, developers need the ability to placate those pesky people we call users with something that resembles support…

… and, ideally if possible, the option to be able to give those users that support right there inside the application they are using.

‘In-app’ support

We tend to call that ‘in-app’ support.

This scenario goes some way to attempt to validate the rationale behind customer service specialist Zendesk and its intention to put personalised customer support and self-service into any mobile app with its Zendesk kit on Fabric.

The Zendesk kit is intended to allow developers to install Zendesk Support for in-app support without users ever leaving their mobile app. Zendesk’s kit is the first customer service kit available on Fabric.

CRM explosion

According to the (not as magical as Gartner) analysts at IDC, the CRM applications market is forecast to reach $44.2 billion by 2020.

The suggestion (and, if you will, the call to action for developers) is that service and engagement need to be embedded into every application being developed today.

“Customers demand an intuitive and quick support experience on every channel and brands that don’t provide it will be at a disadvantage,” said Sam Boonin, vice president of product strategy at Zendesk. “Zendesk Support functionality includes contact forms and self-service functionality and is offered alongside other Fabric kits like Crashlytics and Stripe etc.”

As a use case example, when an agent receives a request, they will know information such as what customer service channel the customer is on, former inquiries, type of account and the version of the app are they using.