Nutanix: have faith in the cloud-agnostic multi-DBaaS creed 

Nutanix is the cloud software company with a pedigree in hyperconverged infrastructure solutions that wants to ‘make computing invisible anywhere’ – as the t-shirt slogans might read.

The company has this week extended its technology invisibility cloak with a swish that it hopes will provide enough cover to extend into the multi-database management era.

What that means in real terms is enough back-end know-how to provide Database-as-Service (DBaaS) at scale in any cloud.

Religiously insisting that its technology is cloud-agnostic, Nutanix says that it’s Era 2.0 solution extends the Nutanix database management solution across clouds and clusters to simplify operations.

Nutanix: invisible controls, but still keep your eyes on the road.

The company has used its Era update news to also note expanded support for the Postgres open source database and SAP HANA as well as a joint solution, powered by Era 2.0, with HCL — support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and MariaDB also exist.

What does invisible DBaaS provide?

In operational terms, invisible DBaaS means being able to deliver invsible operations to database provisioning and lifecycle management. Where operations aren’t fully transparently invisible, they are at least one-click-simple, a simplicity level which Nutanix creatively also ranks as invisible.

“Companies are increasingly looking for technology solutions to support their hybrid and multi-cloud strategies but, while some vendors deliver application mobility, we haven’t seen a lot of innovation when it comes to multi-cloud database management,” said Bala Kuchibhotla, SVP & general manager, Nutanix Era, databases and business-critical apps at Nutanix. 

Nutanix says that Era 2.0 enables users to provision and manage databases across multiple clouds with consistent tooling, standards and security policies. This flexibility provides the flexibility to choose the right cloud for each database to increase agility and minimise cost. 

Era 2.0 also delivers operational simplicity across multiple distributed clusters and datacentres delivering significant scale and with 1-click provisioning, cloning and patching.

Nutanix’s general manager for sales across Western Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa at Dom Poloniecki explains that securing, protecting and managing information throughout its lifecycle takes time and can distract enterprise organisations from operations.

In addition to simplifying operation and minimising costs with data mobility across clouds, Era 2.0 enables new use cases including: leveraging public cloud for capacity bursting, dev/test, capacity remediation and optimising databases performance remotely.

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