Node4: the digital motherlode has yet to be tapped

Software application developers up and down the land are poised to start rolling out, deploying and integrating (so-called) digital transformation initiatives involving defined and purposeful actions to embrace cloud platforms, mobile devices deployment and all manner of technologies relating to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

What’s wrong with this statement?

The issue here is – this is what the industry tells us, this is what the heavyweight vendors spout in their conference keynotes and this is what they’re printing on the T-shirts.

But, the reality is that as many as 92% of UK mid-market IT leaders don’t believe that their workforce is ready to embrace digital transformation.

That’s not good – so who is saying this?

This ‘finding’ (let’s assume that it’s not a completely contrived statistic) comes in a new ‘Mid-market IT priorities 2018’ report published this week by cloud datacentre software company Node4.

Deep in the motherlode

We have, figuratively speaking, yet to tap the central seam of gold that lies at the heart of the digital motherlode, if Node4’s findings hold water.

The research suggests that budgets, recruitment and middle management challenges are affecting organisations, resulting in them having to re-evaluate their priorities and workforces to transform and increase revenue.

“There are a number of obstacles ahead for mid-market organisations, including decreasing IT budgets. The results from the mid-market report show that there appears to be a lack of digital transformation projects for many mid-market companies,” said Paul Bryce, chief commercial officer at Node4.

Bryce further argues that it’s ‘imperative’ that businesses understand that they can do more with less through the adoption of cloud technology – particularly collaboration and automation tools; which can alleviate and empower employees and be hosted and maintained by managed service providers to reduce risks and costs.

“At Node4 we are working with our customers to overcome these challenges and embrace the benefits which digital transformation brings,” claims Bryce.

When mid-market companies were asked to think about digital transformation and what statements apply to them, it was found that:

  • Nearly a third (29%) believe middle management is standing in the way of innovation
  • Only 23% think their business can support younger workers
  • 17% agreed that digital transformation will enable them to better support customers
  • 16% feel digital transformation will help them to remain competitive

The Node4 report can be downloaded here.

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