Nerdio training camps hoist tent for Microsoft cloud skills

It’s chic to be geek and not at all absurd to be a nerd. Whether or not Nerdio chose its company name to pay homage to the techies that use its technology and services is hard to say, but what does the company do and what shape is its technology proposition?

NOTE: Nerdio CEO Vadim Vladimirskiy has spoken openly about the company name and says his team used to run a Managed Services Provider (MSP) service called Project Nerdio – the company sold off the MSP business, but held onto the name.

Nerdio says it adds value on top of Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365 and Microsoft Intune (a cloud-based endpoint management solution) by delivering features that simplify management, ensure efficient operations and lower Azure compute and storage costs by up to 80% via automation.

Using Nerdio, MSPs can manage customers’ cloud environments through multi-tenant workflow-powered technology to create cloud-based recurring revenues. Enterprise IT professionals can use Nerdio to deliver virtual Windows endpoints across hybrid workforces and fine-tune End-User Computing (EUC) approaches using monitoring and analytics capabilities. 

This month sees the company extend its services designed to manage and cost-optimise native Microsoft cloud technologies with its list of 2024 locations and dates for Nerdio Training Camps. This free event series (Nerdio says it pays ‘all’ costs to attend including hotel) is offered to MSPs and aims to educate them on how to succeed with Microsoft technologies like Azure and the aforementioned Azure Virtual Desktop, Intune and others.

Two-day workshops

Nerdio Training Camps are offered via a two-day, interactive workshop experience with dedicated tracks for sales and technical education. Prerequisite knowledge of Microsoft Azure and its related services is recommended (but not required) and the camps give partners the ability to establish or (level-up) their staff’s Microsoft cloud skills and acumen.

“We continue to see Training Camps have a huge impact on MSPs who are looking to do more with Microsoft technologies but struggle finding the time or resources to train up their staff or offer opportunities for skills advancement,” said Will Ominsky, VP, MSP sales, Nerdio. “We’re taking on this burden for them and offering – at no cost to the MSP – transformative insights and actionable cost-saving and operational best practices they can use to modernize and grow their business.”

In 2024, Nerdio will host 24 camps across North America, doubling the number of locations offered in 2023. It is also expanding the number of international locations available, with camps available in the United Kingdom, EMEA and APAC. 

Templatising go-lives

Nerdio Training Camps will incorporate new content to guide MSPs through ‘templatising’ account go-lives with APIs that help support strong security postures and reduce human error while deploying new accounts in Azure. Additionally, Nerdio will offer new content educating MSPs on the features and value of the Microsoft Defender suite. 

Other modules include the below:

  • UAM (Unified Application Management): For MSPs to understand advanced application packaging and delivery for unified device management and cross-tenant policies.
  • Creating a Resilient and Reliable AVD Strategy: Partners will learn to create a multi-stage, self-healing Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) strategy using intelligent auto-scaling allowing them to increase margins and lower support costs.
  • How-to’s for Building Workflows: For MSPs to learn how to build workflows in Nerdio Manager for MSP that help standardize operations and protect and secure users, assets and customers. 

There is no limit to the number of training camttendees per MSP or number of attendees per MSP for each location. 

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