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Nerdio enhances support for MSPs

Vendor Nerdio rolls out improved partner programme to make life easier for partners supporting Microsoft Azure environments, and N-able is also bolstering its ability to support CSPs

Nerdio has introduced the first of a number of planned enhancements to its partner programme, reaching out to the managed service provider (MSP) community.

The virtual desktop specialist is planning to make changes for its enterprise partners later this year, but for now has introduced updates to its Partnerd partner offering to encourage more activity with MSPs.

The firm is using four tiers, with partners being placed into one of those based on their investment with the vendor. Levels of discounts, market development funds (MDF) and other support will be dependent on which level has been reached.

Partners can buy into a higher tier if they meet spending limits to increase the number of internal use licenses, Go-Live Engineer deployments and certifications.

Specific benefits for MSPs include discounts on Nerdio Manager for MSP licenses and access to a partner success manager to support efforts being made to develop Azure sales and support.

There is also the option to tap into increased engineering support, and Nerdio is offering exclusive access to Microsoft executives as it looks to make more of being part of Microsoft’s ecosystem.

“We are investing heavily to make transitioning to Microsoft Azure the obvious choice for MSPs and their clients,” said Joseph Landes, chief revenue officer and co-founder of Nerdio.

“With the advancements Microsoft is making around cloud technologies and programmes, it is an invigorating time to be part of the Microsoft ecosystem. We believe the new Partnerd programme provides unparalleled benefits that are not available anywhere else in the channel. It will propel a whole new class of MSPs to grow alongside Azure and Microsoft and achieve success as a cloud partner,” he added.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the MSP world, N-able has acquired Spinpanel, a Microsoft 365 management and automation platform provider aimed at cloud solution providers (CSPs) as it looks to bolster its offering.

Spinpanel is already being used by a wide number of CSPs, with a large majority of N-Able partners already managing and selling Microsoft offerings.

“While the cloud presents an enormous opportunity, it also adds to the increasing complexity of IT environments, and that coupled with labour shortages can undermine its full potential,” said John Pagliuca, president and CEO of N-able.

“We believe the addition of Spinpanel to our team will help our partners optimise the value of their Microsoft cloud products and, in turn, give Spinpanel customers access to a wider array of IT management and security solutions.”

In response, Bendert Post, Spinpanel CEO, said that the complexity of cloud needed to be dialled down for more MSPs and customers.

“There is no reason why the cloud should be out of reach, including Microsoft cloud which dominates most of the IT world. It’s really a matter of having the ability to harness its full capabilities while centralising the ability to manage it,” he said.

“We’re making that vision a reality, and we know our customers will also appreciate the wider breadth and depth we will bring as N-able, together.” 

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