Microsoft previews future Visual Studio 2015 product line up

Microsoft has announced the Visual Studio 2015 product lineup that will be available when the version(s) ultimately release this summer.

While the Computer Weekly Developer Network does not cover ‘projected releases’ generally, the size of this forthcoming product does warrant some detail.

NOTE: Let’s also remember that last November Microsoft made Visual Studio Community 2013 available for free – this of course is a ‘full featured extensible’ IDE for non-enterprise application development.

But a development environment is a development environment, isn’t it?

Well… not so much.

The focus revolves around three principal offerings so that programmers can, “Select the tooling solution that best meets their needs,” as they say.

This ‘product diversification’ (if you will) should make it easier to ensure all team members have access to the same tool set.

Microsoft’s Mitra Azizirad explains that the firm is bringing Visual Studio Premium and Visual Studio Ultimate into one single offering called Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN.

“[This offering] includes all the high value features you’re already familiar with in Visual Studio Ultimate, along with new innovation that’s coming with the 2015 release. So, in addition to Visual Studio Community and Visual Studio Professional with MSDN, our new Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN rounds out the three primary Visual Studio 2015 offerings,” blogs Azizirad.


The product breakdown is as follows:

Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise with MSDN: As quoted above, this ‘coming together’ of Visual Studio Premium and Visual Studio Ultimate is optimised for teams delivering high-scale applications and services.

Visual Studio Professional with MSDN: Slightly lower calorie than the above high-scale turbo charged product, this is a collection of tools and services for individual developers and development teams building professional-grade applications.

Visual Studio Community 2015: will give developers free access to the Visual Studio toolset for non-enterprise and open source development.

But here’s the really interesting part, Microsoft tells us that key features of Visual Studio will be more broadly available across the 2015 product set.

For example, CodeLens – a feature previously available only in Visual Studio Ultimate – will now be provided as part of Visual Studio Professional and Enterprise. PowerPoint storyboarding will be provided for free to Community, Professional, and Enterprise users.

More colour will no doubt be provided at the forthcoming ‘Build’ Microsoft developer event next month.