Keep Nutanix Calm and carry on cloud computing

In addition to its core product updates released in line with the European leg of its .NEXT conference and exhibition series, enterprise cloud company Nutanix has added to its set of cloud tools, services and operating system components with some additional items.

Over and above new services designed for developers and cloud architects, Nutanix has also announced a new capability for CPU-intensive applications.

These would be CPU-intensive applications such as distributed analytics workloads, large scale front-end web services, Citrix XenApp deployments and the more advanced breed of in-memory analytics.

Automation & orchestration

Nutanix App Marketplace services are also being added to Nutanix Calm, the company’s multi-cloud application automation and orchestration solution.

New (and existing) applications can be defined via standards-based blueprints and then published to a marketplace.

This Nutanix Calm will also provide pre-integrated and validated blueprints that streamline the adoption of key infrastructure and developer tools, such as Kubernetes, Hadoop, MySQL, Jenkins and Puppet.

Application blueprints

These application blueprints can be applied by application teams so that new workloads can be developed and deployed into multiple cloud environments.

Nutanix also announced new AHV (Acropolis Hypervisor) capabilities and performance enhancements planned for its upcoming v5.5 software release.

The firm insists that this could make its built-in hypervisor the de facto choice for customers seeking enterprise clouds that work with the simplicity of public clouds.

According to Nutanix, “The new Acropolis Object Storage Service, will be built into the Enterprise Cloud OS and provide an Amazon Web Services S3-compatible API to enable application development teams using Nutanix to consume storage as a high performance on-demand service – just like public cloud offerings. Acropolis Object Storage Service will collect, store and manage billions of objects in a single namespace, providing a storage fabric for a variety of use cases, including data archival.”

This release will include support for Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS), a popular technology for virtual desktop (VDI) deployments. It will also include integrated support for virtual Graphics Processing Units (vGPU), which will  accelerate rendering of complex graphics common in high-resolution medical imaging, 3D geospatial applications and other demanding workloads.”

Intel Skylake

Additionally, the company formally announced that its Enterprise Cloud OS software will run on Intel CPUs based on the new Skylake architecture, driving faster performance and higher scale.

To complete the story here we should also note that Intel Skylake support extends to Nutanix-branded appliances, server-based platforms from its OEM partners Dell EMC and Lenovo and qualified servers from HPE and Cisco. Nutanix customers can continue to scale their Enterprise Cloud deployments by seamlessly combining newer generations of CPU and storage technology with existing deployments and eliminate what Nutanix would call expesnive ‘forklift’ upgrades.