Is Gartner teaching us to brush our tongues?

Technology analyst firm Gartner has been charging its “let’s coin a new industry buzzword” division with additional pre-Christmas duties this month and it appears that the team has been nothing if not productive.

The next challenge for the IT department means war.

From CIOs to application developers, we need to ready ourselves for “cross-functional communication and collaboration” at the highest level.

This is not just collaboration; this is extreme collaboration (XC) no less!

A DEFINITION: XC is enabled by combing four nexus (i.e. connected) forces into a pattern that can dramatically innovate the way people behave, communicate, work together and maintain relationships — often across wide organisational and geographic boundaries — to collectively deliver breakthrough process performance.

“Collaboration is a critical activity in many operational business processes, both structured and unstructured. An XC environment is essentially a virtual war room or crisis centre, where people can come together to collaboratively work on a shared purpose,” said Janelle Hill, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner.

“This environment is available 24/7, thus enabling people to work when, where and how they need to in order to meet shared goals and outcomes. What makes it extreme is people’s willingness to cross geographic, organisational, political, management boundaries, to pool their collective skills and resources to solve problems and move toward the attainment of a shared, ambitious goal.”

XC is charecterised by big chunks of web-based virtual collaboration as we push towards what the analyst firm has labeled as near-real-time communication activities — such as texting, tweeting or updating Facebook.

Has Gartner stumbled upon (excuse the social media related pun) a new paradigm shift in the making here?

Or did the team that taught us to brush our tongues (see video below) just work out what they could get us to talk about next?