IBM predictive analytics software helps save Grévy's zebra

IBM isn’t just a big old behemoth of an IT company concerned with databases, Rational software application development processes, massively powerful Z-series servers, proprietary technology leadership, autonomic computing mechanisms and open source innovation y’know?

It cares about the Zebra too I’ll have you know.


Big Blue execs were in London this week to talk about how the company’s predictive analytics software is playing a key role in helping conserve wildlife in northern Kenya. Working with conservation charity Marwell Wildlife, IBM hopes to help secure a future for Grevy’s zebra, an endangered species with less than 2,500 individuals in the wild.

Winchester-based Marwell Wildlife is conducting a survey on Grevy’s zebra where Kenyan nomadic herdsmen are interviewed about the animal, what they think the key threats facing them are and where they think they are located. The herdsmen have very good wildlife knowledge and interviewing them is a very efficient means of collecting information over this vast and inaccessible area. The charity then uses IBM predictive analytics software to help identify patterns and analyse data, which will help inform decisions on conservation measures to be taken.

“The IBM predictive analytics software is critical in analysing the information we collect from the field. The data from the surveys is vast and complex and requires powerful software to analyse it. The software is ideal for identifying trends and patterns from this data,” said Dr. Guy Parker, head of biodiversity management at Marwell Wildlife.

“In the case of the recent interview survey, the software enabled us to determine peoples’ attitudes towards the Grevy’s zebra. Furthermore, we were able to determine what influence factors such as education level, age, location, and wildlife benefits had upon peoples’ attitudes. This is the kind of complex multi-variate analysis that the IBM predictive analytics software is designed to tackle,” added Parker.

This analytics solution is powered by IBM SPSS predictive analytics software.

IBM Predictive Analytics at Marwell Wildlife