Hug a geeky tree, ECS buys Forest DevOps know-how

London-based DevOps specialist Forest Technologies has been acquired by IT services firm ECS this week. 

ECS thinks that there is “a major gap” in the enterprise market for an IT services partner with deep experience of working with FTSE 100 companies and a successful track record in implementing DevOps/Continuous Delivery projects.

That’s why ECS spent the moola.

Automation nation

Founded in 2003, Forest Technologies works as a consulting partner with  vendors including Automic, AppDynamics, AWS, Docker and Puppet.

451 Research analyst Dr. Katy Ring suggests that businesses have an urgent requirement to offer digital services and that this means that their IT teams need to think like e-commerce shops and employ DevOps techniques.

“Because of this there’s a huge demand for skills and expertise in this space as DevOps approaches are  increasingly deployed within traditional, large organisations who are looking to transform their businesses. ECS’s acquisition of Forest Technologies shows just how quickly this market is maturing,” said King.

Paul Thomson, group chief executive at ECS says that his firms existing FTSE 100 customers are looking  for direction and thought leadership as they plan, design and implement their digital transformation programmes.

Highly prized, no kidding

“This acquisition adds important DevOps and Continuous Delivery capabilities to our highly prized advisory and IT transformation services, giving us a full complement of experience, skill and expertise to help our customers build competitive advantage,” said Thompson.

Andy Cureton, Forest Technologies founder and CEO (and now managing director for the ECS Digital Practice) has said that there are many large ‘Mode 1’ enterprises seeking ‘Mode 2’ levels of agility and innovation through digital transformation… and this acquisition will help make that journey more achievable.