Genband Perspectives16: notes from day 1

Genband is a specialist in IP-based real time communications software for fixed wireline, mobile and cable service providers and large enterprises.


Genband to telco engineers: “Yes people, there is a pool, but we do expect to see you in the keynote theatre please!”

Key in the developer proposition tabled by Genband is Kandy — this is a real time communications platform designed to help firms build products that have contextual communications solutions embedded inside.

In other words, previously disconnected (often monolithic) applications can have real time communications built right inside them to make them a whole lot more engaging.

Kandy pedigree

Kandy is built from Genband’s global telecommunications network and security technologies — it is capable of embedding a full suite of voice, video, chat, screen-sharing and collaboration capabilities into existing business, web and mobile applications.

The core solution set here includes: network modernisation, Unified Communications (UC), mobility and embedded communications.

GENBAND’s Perspectives16

The Genband Perspectives16 show is held in Orlando this year from May 2-5 — this posting will feature commentary from the day 1 keynote sessions.

“We want to make applications more human,” insists Genband CEO and chairman David Walsh. “Being able to embed communications inside applications is a key route to being able to create this human element inside our apps — and this action directly drives business value.”

Walsh also waxes lyrical on the subject of content in context — although content is of course king (this we already know), Walsh goes further and says that content in context is even more valuable than content itself.

Genband has used this year’s conference to explain its development with regard to its own Kandy communications Platform as a Service (PaaS) and MBody360, a health tracking and monitoring software platform.

As a piece of technology, MBody360 is using Kandy for the development of secure instant messaging, voice and video real time communications. The secure aspect here comes forward due to the fact that MBody360 is a mobile app created specifically to meet the needs of professional health and wellness practitioners including doctors, naturopaths and nutritionists.

TeleMedCo, powered by IBM Watson

Genband’s Kandy engineers say that one of the most exciting projects they are working on is TeleMedCo, powered by IBM Watson.


Minority Medical Report?

This system is being built for emergency rooms and with the combination and exchange of software, data, AI, protocol, platforms and people — a cardiologist can be found in what is claimed to be ‘a heartbeat’ (Ed – okay, I see what they did there).

Inside this exchange is a directory of doctors and specialists, with profiles set up and real time communications policy established so a doctor is alerted when his or her patient is admitted. The doctor receives a HIPAA compliant text message and can click on the link and immediately establish a session with the ER – with both sides looking at the patient’s electronic medical record in order to more accurately and quickly diagnose and treat.

All this is captured in the record, and can be used to continually refine and improve the quality of outcomes.

Genband continues to build out its story as Perspectives16 unfolds, the Computer Weekly Developer Network blog will dig deeper.