Demystifying, dislodging & deflecting distant data dependencies

Couchbase refers to its core technology as a modern database, not an old fashioned one.

What the company (probably) means by this is that products like Couchbase Mobile 3 are ready for modern enterprise applications.

In this sense, modern means Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and open.

Couchbase Mobile 3 is an edge-ready data platform for mobile developers and edge architects to build fully native modern applications in the cloud, at the edge and on mobile and IoT devices using the language, frameworks and platform of their choice.

The company has included a C-based document-embedded database for mobile, desktop and custom embedded hardware with built in synchronisation capabilities.

The central idea with strengthened edge capabilities is to enable software application developers teams to focus on the core competency of their applications without worrying about speed and connectivity issues.

Demystifying distant data dependencies

Couchbase points out that applications that rely solely on centralised cloud datacentres for processing and storing data are, obviously, subject to latency and downtime whenever Internet connectivity is slow or frequently interrupted.

Equally though, we know that requirements for high availability and sub-second response times are nearly impossible – or unfeasibly expensive – to meet with only cloud computing.

So then, Couchbase Mobile 3’s edge computing capabilities address these issues by moving data and compute closer to where it’s being used, even while in motion, making applications faster and more resilient by eliminating dependencies on distant cloud data centers.

According to Wayne Carter, vice president of engineering, Couchbase, “With offline-first capabilities for applications, Couchbase Mobile 3 ensures data integrity by automatically synchronising data across the entirety of an organisation’s edge and mobile infrastructure, with or without Internet connectivity.”

As a working example, airlines could digitise their pre-flight check process by embedding Couchbase Mobile 3 onto tablets for recording inspections. Data is then synchronised to other crew tablets in real-time – even when devices are disconnected – improving accuracy and safety while ensuring on time departure. Industrial workers at mines and offshore oil rigs are also able to collaborate and provide status updates on projects when internet service is unavailable.

Developers can embed lightweight data storage directly into their applications on nearly any edge, IoT or mobile device because of platform support and the C-API.

The addition of REST-based remote administration supports large multi-tenant edge applications. Architectural enhancements in the areas of manageability and security make it easier to configure and remotely administer the platform from the cloud to the edge.

Couchbase Mobile 3 is now generally available.


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