Compuware's dynaTrace does APM, UEM and BTM with great TCO, but so what?

Compuware’s dynaTrace division is taking its application performance management (APM) wares to market this month with an ebullient skip in its step. Using warm and fuzzy vendor-marketing terms like “unparalleled business value”, “shortened time-to-value” and, wait for it… “lower total cost of ownership (TCO)”, the company is positively bursting with news of its acronym-heavy PurePath Technology, which is said to unify APM with User Experience Management (UEM) and Business Transaction Management (BTM)

So APM, UEM and BTM with great TCO is all very well, but where’s the so what factor?

Compuware insists that as applications become more business critical, managing performance from the “user’s perspective” is a growing requirement for any modern APM system.

So hang on, through the muddled haze of acronyms and “technology value propositions”, we’re starting to talk about tools that help refine performance from a user’s point of view right?

“By tightly integrating UEM with its transaction-pure APM system, dynaTrace 4 allows business owners to understand performance from the user’s point of view. This includes all (web) page actions, whether these actions call content and resources in the data centre or in the cloud. All user click-paths are captured as visits and aggregated for behavioural analysis and accurate complaint resolution,” said the company, in a press statement.

It would of course be lovely if Compuware cut straight to talking about service monitoring with dynaTrace 4 and its ability to identify performance degradation up front.

But perhaps we’re just being picky and you have to swallow a slice of TCO messaging before you get to the burger & fries that lies beneath right?

Either way, according to recent Gartner, on average only 8% of the TCO of an application over 10 years is the capital expenditure to initially build developer – 92% of the TCO is enhancing, fixing and operating the application says the analyst house.

John Van Siclen, president of dynaTrace is quoted as saying, “dynaTrace 4 reaches beyond the classic APM boundaries to offer customers more value for the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. By unifying our 24×7 transaction-pure APM system with UEM and BTM, dynaTrace 4 gives both production operators and business stakeholders powerful new capabilities to make their lives easier and provide greater insight for faster, more accurate decision making.”