Bazinga! Bizagi! -- BPM tools for digital transformation

Oh doesn’t everybody just want to talk about igniting digital transformation and migration from those pesky old clunky legacy systems and architectures?

The trouble is… some of that legacy software is still out there because it STILL WORKS, of course. But hey ho, who are we to stand in the way of progress? Bizagi (Ed – did you say Bazinga?) is a firm that does actually talk about the toolsets needed to perform this so-called digital transformation thing.

The firm specialises in ‘digital process automation software’ with its Bizagi 11 product.

This is Business Process Management (BPM)

Another way of describing these (digital transformation) tools is to simply call them Business Process Management (BPM) and workflow software.

So what does Bizagi do?

By wrapping legacy IT systems with Bizagi technology, firms can orchestrate processes, communication channels, data streams and devices — that’s kind of what this whole transformation thing is supposed to be about.

Three pillars of digital process automation

“Through the Bizagi Xchange, users can access the process applications, integration connectors and user interface widgets created by their peers across this global community, further accelerating their transformation programs,” said the company, in a press statement.

Penny? Penny? Penny? Why don't firms use tangible BPM tools to facilitate digital transformation processes?

Penny? Penny? Penny? Why don’t firms use tangible BPM tools to facilitate digital transformation processes?

Bizagi says it has identified three core pillars that underpin successful enterprise-wide transformation: agility (for operational productivity), engagement (through intelligent use of contextualised data-driven processes)… and connections (Bizagi 11 offers native integration connectors).

Bizagi CEO Gustavo Gomez thinks that all enterprises already understand and are acting on the digital transformation agenda. “However, real digital transformation is proving very hard for the majority to deliver,” he said.

Gomez contends that Bizagi 11 can help firms bound by inflexible legacy systems and a culture fearful of experimentation.

Bazinga (sorry, Bizagi) fans can visit try Bizagi 11 for free.