Anchore puts tighter seal on container development

Anchore is on the up.

The container workflow, analysis and security company has a foundation in open source and is now being backed by funding led by tech venture capital firm SignalFire. 

But we don’t care about funding, we care about functionality… so what does Anchore do?

CEO Saïd Ziouani says this his team created this software to empower developers to build secure container-centric software quickly and more efficiently

Anchore was co-founded in 2016 by Saïd Ziouani, CEO and Daniel Nurmi, CTO. Ziouani was founder and CEO of Ansible, Inc. and Nurmi was founder and CTO of Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.

We know that software containers bring new flexibility and efficiency to software developers.

But, we also know that container adoption has also increased the risk surface area by potentially allowing easier introduction of vulnerabilities. 


“Increasingly, organizations are pursuing a shift-left approach to security by introducing automated workflows early in the software development lifecycle to detect and remediate issues before they reach production,” notes Ziouani.

Until now, software workload security has largely been addressed at runtime, but more and more the team at Anchore says it is seeing that the majority of issues can be caught more easily during the software development lifecycle. 

Anchore has become the container security tool of choice and is a required component of the United States Department of Defense DevSecOps Reference Architecture.

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