Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 from a software developer's perspective

Adobe is hanging out the flags this week for the launch of its Creative Suite 5.5 product. Now with added vitamin C, bicarbonate of soda for a whiter smile, extra minty freshness and so-called “breakthroughs” in HTML5 authoring and mobile app development.


Reading the company’s official statements surrounding this release, the product advancements in HTML5 and Flash authoring are said to enable designers and developers to create compelling content and applications.

But how?

I’ve criticised Adobe before now for simply not sharing enough of its operational mechanics with us, let’s hope this isn’t more of the same.

The company talks of “sweeping advances in Flash tooling”, along with improved “authoring tools” — both of which are said to allow developers to create, deliver and monetize (with a Z no less) rich content and applications for virtually any screen.

But how?

“Designers and developers can create rich browser-based content across screens using HTML5. Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5, Flash Builder 4.5 Premium and the Flex 4.5 framework allow users to develop, test and deploy high-performance mobile applications for Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS and Apple iOS,” says Adobe.

OK, so we’re getting there.

Adobe’s SVP & GM of Creative and Interactive Solutions David Wadhwani has suggested that his company is “leading the charge for HTML5 authoring” with the new capabilities in Creative Suite 5.5 —

…but again, what substance is there in such a gung-ho statement?

“{Our work will} radically enhance the delivery of HTML content across multiple browsers — on the desktop, tablets and smartphones. For creators of mobile apps on iOS, Android or BlackBerry Tablet OS, our latest Flash tools deliver stunning high-performance apps, without having to start from scratch for every device,” he said.

But if you want the real meat behind the whistles and bells and showboating going on here, you’ll need to read this document presented by Adobe itself to detail what’s new in Creative Suite 5.5 today.

There’s also real content available in the below video from Adobe TV, where SDKs and command line centric information is discussed.