Abbyy launches mobile web capture SDK for user ‘onboarding’

Business document information company Abbyy has launched Mobile Web Capture, a Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers to add real-time image and data capture to mobile web-based onboarding applications.

Insistent on all-letter over-capitalisation of its company name, Abbyy does not appear to be an acronym or initialism of any kind.

This new software offering aims to decrease client dropout rates caused by manual data entry — it suitable for iOS and Android.

Why mobile web matters

Today mobile is the preferred channel of engagement for customers seeking services, accounts, or applications — however, they are normally hesitant to download a native application prior to becoming an official customer. Therefore, the company’s website opened in a mobile Internet browser becomes the main onboarding channel.

So (if we accept all the above to be true) we can say that businesses are trying to reduce the high dropout rates by removing existing barriers like downloading an app and implementing technologies enabling self-service.

Abbyy Mobile Web Capture adds mobile capture capabilities supporting the self-service experience to the company’s web pages, without the extra step of downloading a mobile app.

JavaScript SDK

The new devkit is based on Abbyy’s proprietary suite of AI-enabled mobile technologies for data and image capture. The JavaScript-based SDK captures a high-quality image through the web browser as soon as the user points the mobile device at a document and ensures it is suitable for recognition.

According to Abbyy’s SVP of marketing Bruce Orcutt, “Mobile Web Capture speeds up onboarding by allowing the potential client to instantly take photos of documents needed for account opening making sure the image is suitable for text recognition. The SDK uses a web browser on the mobile device to capture high-quality images in real time helping to complete registration processes.”

As soon as the user points the camera at a document, the technology automatically captures the best possible quality image in the live video stream eliminating the risk of errors and increasing the accuracy of the captured data in the backend.

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