Abbyy Timeline 6.0 advances process design & process simulation

It would be unfair to criticise any firm for being quieter throughout the last three years of C-19 i.e. after all, many have sought to work on their backend engineering proposition and only come to market when they have something truly new to offer.

Abbyy may be one of those firms.

The company has now updated its core Timeline product to identify automation opportunities 80% faster and speed process redesign by 30%.

Stylistically capitalised for marketing amplification purposes, ABBYY Timeline 6.0 stems from the company’s heritage in document management (including optical character recognition OCR) and process mining.

The technology is all about visualising business processes to look for insights, bottlenecks and recommended primary paths that emanate from process and task mining.

“Abbyy Timeline offers a unified platform that includes process mining, task mining, and process simulation. This level of comprehensive process intelligence provides a true understanding of how an organization works, with insights into how people and data interact within systems, and the confidence that intelligent automation investments are delivering the expected outcomes,” notes the company, in a product statement.

The technology presents its data through dynamic real-time dashboards. 

A keen tracker of process mining, IDC’s Maureen Fleming suggests that we can now go further. 

“An emerging capability is process simulation, which will be powerful in predicting how variables in resources could either increase unnecessary costs or accelerate performance goals,” notes Fleming.

IDC affirmed the growing use of process mining and stated it was the highest growing subset of the intelligent process automation market with a 2022-2026 CAGR of 50.5% and revenues reaching $3.0 billion in 2026.

Timeline also augments Vantage, Abbyy’s cloud-based low-code/no-code intelligent document processing platform. Timeline’s new data warehouse in Abbyy Vantage delivers process intelligence and intelligent document processing. 

As we now emerge from the pandemic era and look to see Abbyy stage its annual conference again, this is one company positioned on an interesting fulcrum point taking some of our older data-centric technologies into the new… over-capitalised or not, there’s plenty to learn here.

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