What to expect from ABBYY Content IQ Summit 2019

Today, it’s all about content, right? The web needs content, apps need content, newswires need content and (dare we say it) some press & publishing channels run on a form of journalism that they like to call content.

With so many technical conferences out there called TechEd, Next or Now and so on… it’s interesting to find one that takes a more content-centric approach, but this is content with intelligence.

Abbyy (the company prefers ABBYY for official branding) is hosting its Content IQ Summit to discuss the future of automation and the impact of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) on businesses who are using AI-enabled skills to understand enterprise content and processes.

The company is known for its foundations in document capture and management but now wants to push the envelope and self-style itself as a provider of so-called ‘Digital IQ’ for the enterprise, so is that cheesy marketing terminology is there know-how (and real intelligence) behind this take on IQ?

The Computer Weekly Developer Network team is off to Nashville, Tennessee from October 23 -25, 2019 to find out.

Digital IQ

As well as keynote speakers from Forrester and Intellyx, the event itself is staged to share best practices and host a number of hands-on workshops.

Typical attendees will be professionals in positions related to document and information management… but also C-suite execs and all manner of AI-architects and the wider transept of data-developers and other software engineers.

“Organisations are faced with new challenges associated with the rise of the digital workforce and need guidance and solutions on how to successfully marry artificial intelligence with human intelligence,” commented Ulf Persson, CEO of Abbyy. “The Content IQ Summit provides an excellent opportunity to hear from industry leaders and learn hands-on how organizations can equip digital workers with cognitive skills to understand enterprise content and processes to make intelligent business decisions.”

Forrester VP for service enterprise architecture Craig Le Clair will host a session entitled  ‘Invisible Robots in the Quiet of the Night – How AI and Automation Will Restructure the Workforce’ during which he will urge attendees to no longer cling to the remnant of the traditional workplace.

The event’s main three tracks are: market insights and business opportunities; process and product insights; and technologies in-practice.

Content IQ & Process IQ

Essentially, what we have here is not just content… it’s a technology proposition to take enterprise content forward and turn that content into actionable business intelligence. Abbyy also talks about the further move forward to the business benefits of incorporating ‘process intelligence’ into organisations.

According to an event press statement, “[To define Process IQ, we must consider how] the lack of visibility into processes is a major roadblock to intelligent automation. ABBYY Timeline neural network-enabled platform provides true understanding of what’s inside business processes, what processes to target for automation or how to monitor these for success following implementation. We call this Process IQ.”

Technology conventions like to have a tagline and Content IQ Summit is no different, the event’s theme is: “Elevate Your Digital Intelligence” [try typing that into the hotel WiFi to get online eh?]… and Abbyy also promises (as does every vendor worth its salt these days) a focus on how all of these technologies impact the customer and user experiences.

As already reported on Computer Weekly, in August of this year Abbyy announced the acquisition of TimelinePI – a developer of a process intelligence platform designed to allow users to understand, monitor and optimise business processes.

This acquisition is an investment by Abbyy into the emerging ‘process mining’ market. The global process analytics market size is expected to grow to USD 1,421.7 million by 2023 according to Research and Markets.

The business development concept from the company itself is a coalescence of two of the main challenges automation: understanding content (Content Intelligence) and understanding processes (Process IQ).

What else can we expect?

Well, this is going to be Nashville, so expect music content of the country kind, food content of the roasted meat with barbeque sauce kind and a warm welcome of the Southern Tennessee kind.

Attendees should expect all of that… and they should also expect to be polite when making comments about president Trump, he’s popular in those parts.

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