1&1 launches WordPress user/developer community portal

Everyone’s favourite “we buy more double page advertisements in the technical press than any other company” web hosting company 1&1 Internet has launched a new software application developer cum user community portal.

1 community-icon.png

The portal is at this stage in beta form.

The firm’s communications sage Richard Stevenson has suggested that the http://community.1and1.co.uk site will “unite an international community” of WordPress users with developers — and 1&1 technical staff to, obviously.

Stevenson promises access to experienced technologists who will address a wide range of subjects for all levels of ability.

Everything from general overviews to complex concepts will be addressed in simple language he said.

Background information, How-To’s, and tips are available on subjects like themes, plug-ins, SEO, security etc. and organised in a structured way for users ranging from the novice to the fully skilled web developer.

“Each article is marked by topic category and skill level (“Beginner” to “Expert”) based on the content. The platform also features website examples created by 1&1 community members. Those browsing the community are invited to provide feedback via a rating system and join in discussions by sharing on social media,” said the company, in a press statement.

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In my opinion avoid anything to do with 1&1 internet. Warth Publishing inc
There are lot of familiar communities available for web developers. However, 1&1 community might be quite useful platform for wordpress developers to share their knowledge. I suggest you to add captcha & security questions for strict filter.