Best new blog of the year 2011

Social Media Awards 2011

Best new blog of the year

Blogging has become part of the everyday consumption of information, this category looks at those blogs created in the past two years that have delivered something new and fresh to what is now a crowded and highly competitive space.

In this part:

Public sector pm is my outlet for sharing all kinds of information that I think will be useful and of interest to my project, programme and portfolio management (p3m) peers.  The site incorporates software reviews, details of upcoming events and reports from events past, and (sometimes contentious) rants about topical issues such as: ‘Why organisations should sack the Prince2 fundamentalists, ‘Gantt charts are a waste of time’ and ‘Why Project failure is not unique to the public sector’ .

I also use the site to coordinate
#BarCampChelt, a six weekly tweetup of business change progressives and other curious types.  This event hooks up all sorts of people who are interested in improving the way that organisations work, whether that be through the use of technology, or through new work management techniques such as agile, lean and kanban.  The group meets face to face and features an expert in the hot seat who either attends in person or via Skype.  We also have a LinkedIn group to facilitate continued online discussion and networking.  The event is reported in real time by participants using the #BarCampChelt hashtag.  This enables those unable to get to Cheltenham to participate via Twitter.

Overall I think the site deserves to win because of its open and collaborative approach to the development and sharing of knowledge and expertise in p3m approaches.


WinRumors started in October 2010 with an aim to bring the best in Microsoft news to the masses. I feel the site deserves to win as it is one of the best new blogs on the IT scene in the past year. The blog is also run by a British guy called Tom Warren and focuses on U.S. and UK Microsoft news.

Robert Kelly

“Robert Kelly is the most proactive individual I have ever met and he takes the PM occupation to a whole other level in his blog.  He is personable as well as proffessional in his subject focus and genuine in his desire to bring inovation to a simple level of understanding.  He is in my opinion a very good information source for any leadership team.”

My new blog looks at security and privacy issues from the legal perspective, providing analysis of new and forthcoming legal developments in this area and their impact on business. The aim is to provide legal learning to people who are not trained in the law, but for whom a knowledge of legal issues is a business imperative.


Teleperformance is the largest customer service company in the world, with 128,000 employees working in over 50 countries.

In July 2011, Teleperformance UK launched a new blog with the aim of taking a new approach to marketing the organisation and talking openly to industry professionals.

Our UK CEO, Alistair Niederer, regularly blogs his thoughts on the industry in general and current affairs that impact on the customer service industry. The market head, Julia Gibbs, is another regular blogger and several other senior Teleperformance managers have been contributing to a blog that is updated several times a week.

We believe the blog is quite different to most corporate blogs. We don't try to sell anything. All we are doing is demonstrating that the managers in our team are experts in what they do.

In turn, the blog has provided a core of material for us to start conversations on Twitter... giving a body of reference material demonstrating that we know what we are talking about when diving into a Twitter conversation.

We know that our blog is not ground-breaking and many other companies are engaged in more innovative ways or using social media. However, in terms of completely changing the way that the PR and AR functions operate in a B2B organisation, this is an important example of what can be achieved with low up front costs and a low risk of failure.


This blog is the best effort by the author to share his unique and innovative ideas, views and thoughts about twitter and social media as a tool for effective sales promotion. He always tried to find something new in this area. I hope it would throw light for all who need it. Since Social Media is fast emerging as a sales promotion tool. There are a lot of things yet to be explored to have a structured approach to use social media most effectively. So that it would help others who are interested in Social media to get maximum benefit out of it.

Clean clouds

I am Mitesh Soni, enjoying as Research Engineer. I have been in the domain of research from the beginning of my career and in the process I am in love with it.

I have explored XBRL, UBmatrix, Coyote, JREX, Incremental & Full Backups in My SQL & Postgres, JetS3t API to access Eucalyptus Private Cloud, One Jar Utility, ProGuard Obfuscator, Hadoop, Amazon Web Services, Right Scale Management Tool, Cloud Security, Cloud Governance and so on and it will grow for sure.

I am here to learn & share good things what i have explored. It may not be completely created by me. It may be a more of compilation of CRISP “Information” from various sources; so just feel the passion of sharing and allow me to do the same.

Law cloud computing

LawCloud is a new generation in Practice Management Software for law firms in Scotland and is brought to you from the developers at LawWare.  Established in 1998 and now serving over 200 law firms in Scotland from their HQ in Edinburgh, LawWare has established a strong reputation for an innovative and forward looking approach to the business of running a Law Firm.

LawCloud is at the forefront of transforming the way that lawyers in Scotland work and is clearly leading in the legal cloud. Since its launch in Feb ‘11, it has grown from a standing start to now hosting more than 50 law firms in Scotland on its secure and robust Cloud servers and this number is growing by the week. LawCloud really is more about business transformation than technology.

The number of Law Firms in Scotland transitioning to the Cloud is growing at a tremendous rate and the opportunity is here today for the small to medium sized high street law firms to start using best of breed software (traditionally reserved for the bigger firms) delivered directly to their PC, laptop, Mac or iPad at a low fixed monthly subscription, with no upfront capital expenditure .

Out of the box, LawCloud offers lawyers a new way of working that has never been so easy to reach, offering real benefits like Flexible mobile working, linking branch offices, Peace of mind, cost savings and truly simplified technology.


Simon is an accomplished User Experience Designer currently working at ITV in London.

He is pretty good at taking requirements and turning them into nice interfaces that people quite enjoy using. He’s even been called a ‘fantastic up-and-coming interaction designer’. Previously he did lots of social media, e-commerce and digital strategy work before moving agency-side where he used his unique blend of skills for big clients like Sony, Logica, eBay and much smaller ones too.