The timetable for the Public Sector Revolution

If you have not already done so, take a look at the “Cabinet Office Structural Reform Plan“. This is the timetable for the hundred days to change the heart of Government. OGC moved from Treasury to to Cabinet Office last week. The expected pace of change can be seen from the deadlines for reviewing the exit processes for civil servants. The generosity, or otherwise, of these will help determine the scale and nature of change: a rush for the exit and devil take the hindmost, a rear-guard action worthy of the British Army at its most creative (not just stubborn) or a rebirth of creative thinking in what was once the best educated and worst-trained administrative elite in the modern world.

I say worst-trained because so few received even training akin to “finance for non-accountants”, let alone gained technical, professional or management qualifications. PPE at Oxford is an excellent breeding ground for Cabinet Ministers or Permanent Secretaries in times of stability as are the LSE and SOAS for revolutionaries. But Cambridge educates those capable of bringing about lasting change, before spitting most of them out to practice on the real world.


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