Which government IT projects face being cut or re-worked?

I blogged yesterday about the government’s progress report on its various plans to cut costs.

The document entitled: Business Plans: Check progress on implementing our policies, is available here.

I have already written about the progress being made in its plan to integrate IT across central government and get value for money. See the post here.

The document also reports on progress being made in other areas of IT. One of which is the decision on what IT projects to scrap.

The government says it has already identified the first tranche of projects and programmes to terminate through the major project review and the review of internal ICT projects.

In January it will agree which of these projects and programmes should be terminated or re-scoped. And then it will begin decommissioning.

In February the government will develop a process for ongoing review of future projects.

Then in December next year it will begin the “publication of regular status report on identified projects and programmes verifying decommissioning.”

I must admit I have not seen the final list of projects to be scrapped. But I did write about some that had been scrapped and others that could be on the chopping block. See the blog post here.

Scrapping and re-scoping  IT projec ts has been costly in the past. See this for 105 examples that send shivers down the spine.




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