Ousted IT blogger on Nasscom and ICTs

This is part four of our series of blogs written by an IT worker who lost his job after his employer signed an outsourcing deal with an Indian supplier. This week he talks about a subject close to his heart. He is responding to the story in this blog about the stance the Tories will take on ICTs if they win the election and the response from Nasscom.

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Situation: vacant
by I.T. Jobseeker
So now even the Indian BPO providers are saying that the policing of ICT’s could be better!
Wake up, Woolas!
The news that Nasscom, the body that represents Indian BPO providers will welcome greater scrutiny of ICTs comes as no surprise.  Crucially, there is no denial that abuse of the spirit, if not the letter, of the ICT regulations is taking place.    
It’s rather like Westminster MPs, who, knowing that the game is well and truly up, now say that they support a tightening of the controls on their expenses.
The likelihood that an incoming Conservative government will crack down on the ICTs, as reported last week, has clearly worried them. That’s why they are supporting better policing of the existing regulations, fearful of a cap being implemented. For them, it’s the lesser of two evils.   
However, greater scrutiny and better policing of the existing rules will cost money and is unlikely to happen. Checks by the UK Borders Agency on short-term migrants for breaches of UK employment regulations, such as ICTs, will always be a low priority while the main focus is on illegal immigrants and when there is a significant terrorist threat.  
I think that the only workable solution is to have a variable cap on ICTs, set by the Department of Work and Pensions, according to the availability of skilled workers in the UK.
Nasscom’s stance would seem to be: ‘catch us if you can’. 



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