Offshoring IT can wreck someone's life

I had a meeting with an IT professional who is now unemployed after losing out in an outsourcing deal.

This guy was working in IT before I was born and I am not that young (37).

It really brings home the impact a decision made by a business to offshore IT can have on the lives of workers.

So somebody who has worked for over 40 years and paid tax all the time now can’t even get benefits because he has over £6000 savings and his wife works.

But then you have to think about the loss of over 40 years’ experience doing IT in a very niche sector.

You cannot replace this over night.

Big businesses are outsourcing the responsibility to make job cuts to service providers. I always feel the suppliers get the most criticism but te employers know what is going to happen to many of their staff when they transfer to a supplier. It can but rarely does benefit their careers.

I am sure no business takes lightly making people redundant but are short term cost gains really worth it?



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