Offshore IT worker exemption from new pay threshold makes influencial UK IT figure angry

I wrote a blog earlier today about the fact that the government looks set to exempt IT workers from the £40,000 pay threshold likely to be put on workers in the UK on Intra Company Transfers. IT workers will instead by set a £24,000 threshold.

One regular contributor to this blog has sent in a link to a great blog entry by Richard Holway of TechMarketView. Thanks ArgieBee.

I thought I would share it so here is his blog post.

His views reflect many I speak to in the Industry. They believe bringin in low cost labour from overseas is damaging the long term prospects of the UK IT industry.

The government is likely to announce its plans to meet its target to reduce immigration tomorrow.

If the alternative threshold is placed on IT workers Intra Company Transfers will be difficult to bring down because a massive proportion of ICTs that have entered the UK over the last 10 years have been IT workers. See the figures here.

If you are confused about why IT professional are often unhappy with Intra Company Transfers, one look at these figures will clear it up. 



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