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Indian IT supplier TCS makes UK services top ten

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has made it into the top ten IT services suppliers in terms of UK revenue.

When I interviewed Ovum analyst  Alexander Simkin earlier about the outlook for the UK IT services sector he told me the top five suppliers in terms of revenue.

Ovum’s Top 5 IT service providers to the UK and Ireland in revenues:



But interestingly an Indian supplier has broken into the top ten for the first time. Indian giant TCS is number 9.

The fact that this is the first Indian supplier to get into the top ten suggests to me that there is a lot more room for growth for these companies. Or is there?

I was with outsourcing lawyer Peter Brudenal yesterday. Brudenal, who works for Lawrence Graham says that we could soon see the big Indian IT specialists dip their hands in their deep pockets and acquire some tier two Indian BPO service suppliers. There are a lot of them about.

Serco acquired one last week. It took its Indian workforce from 4000 to 40,000 when it bought Intelenet for £385m.

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