Poisson d'avril! - April's Fool's day - who is going to catch you out?

Today in France, so I learn from East-Ouest, kids would stick a fish in your back and say “Poisson d’avril!”. Well in the UK we generally try and play pranks on each other before midday.

So for us mad hats at ComputerWeekly it’s time for tom foolery, high jinks and ridiculous capers. Guess which story on the site today is the figament of imagination of one of our reporters?

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april fool's joke my arse. this is nothing more than a test in conditional programming.
Just so you know, this story made it to a news service on 8 April 2008, well AFTER April Fool's day. I checked for an April 1 date, and didn't find it, so after backtracking through the news source a couple of steps, I finally wound up on your April Fool page.

Unfortunately, conditions in various places (including the US and Great Britain) tend to make this one all too believable. Next time, perhaps you want to pick something a bit less believable, or at least less threatening. The ruse years ago about growing spaghetti was perfect.