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Connected homes… and people

Source:  Computer Weekly

Although there has been much debate over the internet of things (IOT) and its usefulness when it comes to home automation, having connected devices everywhere can make life a lot easier.

Intel’s Home Gateway aims to use NFC tags to track your location in your home and change your environment accordingly.

As the technology is based upon the Intel Galileo development board users can come up with their own solution of how to run their home, including anything from turning lights off when you walk out of a room to making sure a programme you’re streaming follows you around the house based upon what rooms you walk into and out of.

This method is more effective than the motion sensors often currently used for movement detection, as there is currently no way to distinguish between different people or animals.

Technology like this in the future could contribute to saving energy as items will not be switched on unless needed.

There is also the potential in the future for this to be connected to a person’s wearable and find out more about their health and mood before making a choice for music or lighting.

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