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Smaller, better, faster

Source:  Computer Weekly

Keeping the predictions of Moore’s law alive, Intel showcased its latest in tiny computer technology, the Intel NUC Mini PC.

This 3rd generation mini PC slims down the traditional desktop into a tiny box, and is usually used as a media PC in the living room.

Its 5th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor means it’s capable of streaming HD video and being used for PC games.

Also on display was an Intel compute stick, an even smaller computer that plugs into the HDMI slot of a TV to make it a smart TV or use the TV as a monitor.

The stick has a USB and Micro SD slot for expandability, with a Windows version with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, or a cheaper Linux version with 1GB RAM and 8GB of storage – these devices don’t require a power input, and is basically a pocket-sized tablet PC.

These tiny computers are further proof of exactly how far Moore’s Law can go.

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