Voltas improves profitability with BI technology


Voltas achieves HR optimization with BI implementation

Source:  Svilen Milev

After the successful implementation of SAP BO for the EM&RBG and UPBG, Voltas decided to pan out BI across different business units. It then looked at human resources (HR). As mentioned earlier, due to its project-oriented business structure, HR requirements at Voltas were diversified. Often the HR department had to juggle between options such as full time/ part-time/ temporary work while recruiting people.

To recruit effectively, the HR executives needed to identify the right people for domestic as well as international projects. "In some parts of the world, skilled workers are paid hugely for overtime; the slabs go higher by the hour. Hence, the team wanted a tool to help them make quick but informed choices," says Prasanna Wadke, senior manager - corporate IT, Voltas Ltd.

BI implementation has helped HR to move rightly. For instance, the officials from HR can appropriately choose between recruiting more people or letting the existing ones work overtime based on the project requirements and profitability. The real time availability of insightful information has helped decision making come down from three days to a few minutes.


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