Ten safest places to offshore your IT


4. Krakow, Poland

Source:  Jakub Hahun

4. Krakow, Poland

Not to be outdone by the Czech Republic, Poland’s second entry, Krakow, is in at number four. Krakow is in the south of Poland and is the country’s second biggest city behind Warsaw.


A report from Datamonitor details which locations are the safest places to offshore your IT in 2011. Three countries dominate the top six.

Only Singapore and Chennai in India make the top 10 from outside Europe and North America.

Just outside the top 10, and there is plenty of representation from outside these areas. From 11th to 20th place, China and India are represented three times each, Brazil twice, and Mexico and Chile once.

But here are the ten safest cities to offshore your IT in 2011.

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