Privacy and data protection

  • August 02, 2018 02 Aug'18

    Gorgon Group shows simple cyber attacks remain effective

    A highly effective cyber attack group that appears to be based in Pakistan is carrying out targeted attacks against nation states at the same time as criminal operations, researchers have found

  • August 02, 2018 02 Aug'18

    Reddit breach exposes 2FA flaws

    Reddit has reported a password breach despite using 2FA, exposing the weaknesses of two-factor authentication based on mobile text messages

  • August 02, 2018 02 Aug'18

    GDPR harmonised with local laws in Nordic EU states

    Sweden provides an interesting challenge for the European Union’s data protection regulation due to its laws around freedom of press and free speech

  • August 02, 2018 02 Aug'18

    Three Carbanak cyber heist gang members arrested

    Three alleged members of the Carbanak gang believed to be responsible for more than 100 cyber heists worldwide have been arrested, US authorities have announced