Neos Networks announces business-grade managed dedicated internet access

UK fibre connectivity supplier announces launch of the managed variant of its dedicated internet access service, providing businesses with fully managed, enterprise-grade, fibre-optic internet connectivity

Looking to provide businesses with fully managed, enterprise-grade fibre-optic internet connectivity, Neos Networks has announced the launch of its Dedicated Internet Access (Managed DIA) service, supporting a range of markets in accessing complete end-to-end internet connectivity, including routing equipment at the end of the circuit.

The UK fibre connectivity supplier believes businesses across sectors are shifting away from private corporate networks towards more internet-based networks. The launch of Managed DIA is designed to enable Neos to develop deeper relationships with its customers and channel partners by taking business problems away and enabling them to focus on growth.

The company said the new service variant will offer high availability, scalable bandwidth and capacities to cater for all businesses regardless of their data usage, with the ability to scale bandwidth as required, using the latest industry devices, over capacities ranging from 10Mbps to 1Gbps across the UK.

Neos Networks’ Managed DIA service also offers 24 x 7 x 365 technical support and a wide choice of last-mile connectivity providers, as well as diversity and resiliency options. The service’s network reach is said to underpin the quality of its existing DIA services and offers businesses access from more than 676 high-speed Ethernet points of presence nationwide. All traffic to and from a business’s network is carried over Neos’s network and IP platform to enhance access speed and a high quality of service.

In what it says is a unique fact of the new service, Neos Networks does not dictate a single connection type for Managed DIA – customers can deploy the service to gain access to the internet over a fibre-to-the-premises/cabinet FTTP/C connection or an Ethernet fibre connection. This, the firm says, allows for greater flexibility according to businesses’ connectivity requirements.

By launching its Managed DIA, Neos also believes it is able to traverse further into its customers’ environment, beyond a traditional wholesale fibre infrastructure supplier role. It achieves this through devices placed at either end of the line, enabling them to perform proactive monitoring of connectivity, providing improved visibility to feed insights and analytics to support network maintenance, assurance and continuous high service availability.

Neos Networks’ MPLS core network also ensures that the system offers in-built resilience, eradicating the inevitable business concerns around loss of service. It also integrates with Neos’s Cloud Connect capability, providing secure connectivity to a wide range of cloud service providers.

“The flexibility in our service model will strengthen what we and our channel partners can offer, allowing customers to pick and choose elements of the Managed DIA service based on what is relevant to their business,” said Mark Charlesworth, director of product at Neos Networks. “We will be able to strengthen relationships with customers that want a fully wrapped, monitored solution, taking away the management headaches that occur when needing to manage and mature the hardware at either end of a traditional DIA connection.”

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